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Thursday, May 23 by

...with origami letters, that is! The letters you've seen in my previous posts have been folded thanks to the designs of Jo Nakashima. this playlist of almost all the alphabet letters (in caps and lowercase) is a really great go-to resource whenever I want some simple folded paper letters to illustrate a post.

These letters aren't too hard and mostly rely on good management of pleating folds, all clearly demonstrated in the videos. The thing I like best about Jo Nakashima's videos is the little diagram in the corner for each step that illustrates what he is about to do. This makes it very easy to get the placement of the folds correct.

If you're looking for a simple, fun origami project to do, look no further! You can spell out your name like I did...or a caption of a new origami model you've made...or anything really! have fun :)

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