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Dollar bill diva


Friday, November 4 by

Being able to create amazing objects, animals, decorations, and more out of a single piece of paper is great because all you need is a scrap of used paper and some willing hands. And what is more easily accessible than a dollar bill? Granted cash is more scarce these days with the advent of all those plastic credit cards, but still the art exists.

The art of folding money origami.

The proportions are different than those we are used to dealing with in traditional origami but that doesn't make it any less fun. This article is enough to inspire me to fold some money creations!

wall decor


Friday, October 21 by

As promised, here is a look at the wall decor I created from my favorite quotes and cutesy origami designs.

--- holistic views ---


--- up close and personal ---

~ ~ ~

. . . 

I'm loving the seahorse next to Margaret Mitchell. good combo, yes?

All in all I'm quite pleased with the way this turned out. i ended up with a good ratio of quotes to pics to origami. (I was worried I had too many at first--what a surprise ;)

the latest creations


Friday, October 14 by

For the last few days I have been finishing up my origami and quote designs to go upon my wall which will appear on next week's Friday feature. So until then I'll leave you with some of my more recent designs folded just for fun and to please my nerdy, star wars loving friends :)


 swallowtail butterfly

Crane box
(I love all the cool designs incorporating crane motifs)

 head of C3PO, droid from Star Wars

X-wing, type of starcraft from Star Wars

I hope you'll be inspired like I am when looking at the engaging folds of others and will return for next week's Friday feature!

fold some love


Friday, October 7 by

Every wall decoration needs a little even though the color pink and I aren't good friends I made some pink polka doted hearts to put with the rest of my decor. Hearts are so simple yet there are so many variations.

One of my favorite origami sites is Origami Club. They have a great selection of cute adaptations of hearts for any season, not just Valentine's Day. Here are my editions to add to my wall.

 Have a good weekend and I'll see you on Monday for some mantra!

Friday feature # 1


Friday, September 30 by

-one of the quotes to go on my wall-

Currently I am designing the blank canvas that is 'the wall' next to my bed. While others tend to have piles upon piles of photographs to disperse across the walls in their abode, I am a bit more of a humble creature with more of my memories stories in my mind or in other captured mementos. So, in order to still decorate with things that mean a lot to me, I came up with the idea of putting up my favorite quotes--ones about life or beauty or happiness to inspire me when I awake in the morning. And of course I couldn't leave out my passion for paper craft, so... around, throughout, and within the collection of quotes will be cute, decorative origami designs.

So I thought I would share with you some of the diagrams and tutorials of the designs I am including. Today's selections are a fairly simple daisy and a basic butterfly-- both very fun additives to any shelf or display.

The butterfly is fairly straight forward although deemed intermediate by its creator Michael LaFosse. The diagram can be found here. This design is nice because you can play with the proportions in steps 3 or 10 to create differently shaped wings. Here is my creation. You'll notice in my take I chose not to fold back the triangular point in the last steps.

The second piece of origami is from Origami Instructions which is a very good resource for beginner origami designs. The length of the petals and size of the center depends upon step 21 so play around with the design. I would love to see other variations you might make! Here is mine, once again:

-love how the color seems to radiate from the flower-

--Stay tuned for next week's Friday feature for more decorations for your 'blank canvas'.

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