Geometric Fun with Flowers


Tuesday, May 21 by

This next set of flowers was inspired by a page I saw in a book at the library. A traditional iris was next to irises with three, five and six petals that had been folded from an equilateral triangle, a pentagon and a hexagon. This alteration is so simple, really. all you have to do is fold the equivalent of a square, or preliminary, base from these other geometric shapes and proceed normally from there with a few additional petal flaps (or one less).

The traditional iris in purple,

an iris from an equilateral triangle in pink,

a six-petal iris from a hexagon in sky blue,

and a cornflower blue iris folded from a pentagon.

These were really fun to fold and they make me want to experiment with other traditional folds using other shapes. I think the iris folded from the pentagon is my favorite. The asymmetry a flower with an odd number of petals has is beautiful and looks especially natural.

It's really warming up around here in California, and I'm getting into the flower mood with these last few posts.

Happy Springtime!

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