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Monday, May 13 by

...they have great books there! And you might make a new discovery. I like to see if they have any cool origami books that I might not buy on my own but look fun to try!

This week I found this gem: Practical Origami by Rick Beech

Inspired by the arrangement on the cover, I decided to bring a little springtime to my shelf with this tulip/vase combo.

a vision of springtime

oh hello there...

Next up: a cute lil' peacock out of white (boring) paper. It was just a practice model I did on a whim.

After that I experimented in modular origami. It's not always my favorite, but I'm not afraid to try, once in awhile.

Not too bad?

There quite a few fun/action folds in this collection too. So, next time you're at your local library, check out the craft/hobby section for a new adventure in paperfolding.

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