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Halloween time!


Wednesday, October 31 by

As always there's no better time for folding origami than the holidays, the first of which is Halloween! Origami spiders, bats and jack-o-lanterns make the perfect spooky decor. For my Halloween collection this year I even added a bit of kirigami (paper cutting) with some easy spider webs!

skeleton hand. instructions on YouTube.

bat. instructions: Mantler's Bat.

jack-o-lantern. instructions on YouTube.

spider. instructions on

spider web. instructions: YouTube.

All in all I'm fairly pleased with this spooky Halloween group. The skeleton hand is an elegant design as it looks complex but in reality is quite simple. The spider involves some cutting, which means it's not true origami, but even I bend my rules for seasonal decor. This was my first time doing the jack-o-lantern which I really like and made me wish I had letter size orange paper. oh well, live and learn...

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