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Be Back Soon


Tuesday, July 16 by

For the last four weeks I have been in Rome, Italy and enjoying the sites but will be back to regular blogging on Tuesdays and Thursdays on July 25th.

Feel free to check out the archives for my old posts or find and fold something new under the resources tab.

Hope you're having a good summer!

Yellow Makes Me Happy


Tuesday, July 9 by

The yellow origami paper I have is such a cheery color, it always manages to brighten my day. Know what else brightens  my day? Rubber duckies. And this one can even float in your bath! (though it might get kinda soggy)

This model is by Jeremy Schafer which I found on the Ultimate Origami Resource site under misc. It is rated three stars out of five and is definitely would be achievable for a low intermediate folder. There's not any sinking, just lots of petal folds.

Time for Tea


Tuesday, July 2 by

It's always fun to discover new origami sites. Resources that are hidden in the recesses of the internet. This week I came across the website Zen of Origami with quite a nice collection of diagrams free for non-commercial use. The model on this site that caught my eye was the simple, yet elegant teapot by Ching-Yu.

I really liked the lines of the design. The spout and handle are just how I imagine them to be on a proper teapot used for high tea!

Or, if tea isn't up your alley, a similar fold is the magic lamp! Rub your cares away with some wishes from a genie who lives in your origami lamp.

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