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Thursday, November 22 by

Well,  I was all ready to devote my time to some Thanksgiving decor when I hit a wall. There are very few origami designs out there for Turkey day. Yes, a few turkeys, but nothing too advanced or elegant. So I decided to make a bunch of other fall creatures to join my lone turkey.

turkey. instructions: 'thanksgiving turkey' on Origami Resource Center.

frog on a lily-pad. instructions: by Collin Weber.

fox. instructions: YouTube.

squirrel (and apple). forgot to take pics of this one before i gave it to my friend to fuel her squirrel obsession. instructions: YouTube

I really like how the frog on a lily pad design turned out. Using double sided paper definitely helps complete the look. Otherwise half the pad is white and half is the frog's color. A lot of the themed origami designs come from happypuppytruffles on YouTube.  Check out her designs here. Most of them are great for beginners/intermediates.

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