The Animals Return!


Tuesday, June 25 by

The problem with origami is once you get folding a certain theme, you can't fold just two models. I mean. come on! So here is week two of animal origami. This time we have an orange giraffe (without the spots) from the Montroll's Animal Origami for the Enthusiast, same as last week. Also when I was browsing around Happy Folding for inspiration, this adorable armadillo caught my eye. This one is a winner for sure and you can find the hand drawn diagrams here on the site.

This giraffe is an intermediate fold. It requires some sinking, but for the most part the instructions are clear.

This armadillo was quite enjoyable to make, from the large opened ears to the pleated body armour folds. I believe this is the first model I've folded by Anita Barbour and look forward to folding more in the future.

Ok, goal for next week: something besides animal models!

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