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Tuesday, June 18 by

These next folds are from Animal Origami for the Enthusiast by John Montroll. Animal origami is my favorite category of models because of the creativity of portraying the limbs of each animal. There are also very standard 'base' forms for four-legged creatures and two legged creatures which makes creating your own species of animal much easier. All you need to do is design the details.

These models are both at the low intermediate level. The bear is especially good for a first try.

This orange fox is a fun fold because of the formation of the tail which is its most prominent feature.

This brown bear (possibly a native Californian like myself ?) turned out much cuter than I thought it would from looking at the book. The dimensions of the face are simple to form but create the cutest expression on the face.

Also it is unique in that the legs are not separate appendages folded down, but rather an extension of the body folded around.

He's definitely a keeper! What are your favorite origami animals?

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