Money folds part 2


Tuesday, June 11 by

Sorry for the break, I'm on finals schedule here so time is at a premium! Besides that,  on Monday I am off to Italy for 4 weeks so I have few posts set up in my absence. Other than that, I will be back to regular at the end of July. Hooray summer!

So back to business, today I'm showing you part two of the dollar bill folds from last Tuesday.

This shark is a fun fold, not too difficult. the sharp folds and creases for the fins are very visually pleasing.

Next is the double crane, twin cranes, or atomic crane as I have heard it called. I guess because if cranes were exposed to radiation their mutation would look like this? Who knows...but I do know this model is fun to fold if you love the traditional original.

Well, time to fly away...have a great start to summer and I'll be back in a month!

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