An experiment in Tesselations


Monday, November 26 by

So... I'm not the biggest fan of tessellations  or modular origami, for that matter. I like the image/nature-orientated origami and am not as much into the geometric parts/repetition side. However recently I decided to give it a try with a design I really like. Hydrangea by Shuzo Fujimoto  is fairly simple for 3 layers and after several practice rounds I decided to add multiple layers. Here's my model progression.

-traditional 3 layers

-four layers out of a square made from letter paper, hence the binder hole

-5 layers!

-a tiny one with 3 layers

-the whole family, with a pretty pink original

-another 'family portrait'; monochromatic this time

It turned out to be a pretty enjoyable experience. I realized more layers required more paper to work with-- aka larger paper. Although I didn't get up to as many levels in the video, it still was very rewarding :)

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